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How to activate a button on hold before the long press toggle time threshold?

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  • Badibbou
    Yeah, using start press is the first thing i tried but it doesn't work. The LT button is registered for a millisecond and then it goes back to that weird and unpractical time window where Rewasd is waiting for you to either release the button so it counts it as a single press or keep it held down long enough to register it as a long press (so it activates the toggle in my case). In my example of 500 ms long press time threshold it means that LT activated for like 50 ms thanks to start press then for 450 ms, there is nothing, then after 500 ms mark long press takes over and the toggle is activated. There is basically a stutter of about 500 ms where i can't do anything, not usable.

    What it could be used for :
    In a fps we could use a long press LT to toggle LT and a shorter press to act like a normal input. We see a small target, we aim for less than half the second, we shoot, we keep moving, aim for half second again, shoot, move etc, then if there is a bigger target that requires us to aim for a long time, we hold down LT and the long press activates the toggle so we don't have to manually press it down all the time. Since there are always a ton of players who want a toggle on aiming but also as many people who'd still like to use normal aim for quick shots, it would be a perfect way to satisfy both. But currently that configuration seems impossible to achieve with rewasd.

    Another way of approaching the issue, since i've been learning a little bit of AHK recently (basically another rewasd), if we had to transpose the LT remap into a script, it would be like using ~LT instead of just LT, if that makes sense. LT would act exactly like it usually does independently of its remapping (also meaning it would be pressed twice the second time we activate it to toggle off the long press toggle but you get the idea).

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  • wookiepediologist
    If you want the mapping to be still reproduced, try adding it to the Start press activator.
    This is the only activator that is being reproduced with other activators, and it is not being affected by the press time parameters.

    Still, we are not sure if that's exactly what is needed, anyway, it should be at least closer to your wishes.

    Keep us updates whether the information is useful or not.

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  • How to activate a button on hold before the long press toggle time threshold?


    Complicated question but it's rather simple. If we want a toggle on long press on the LT button for example (often used for aiming), we just activate toggle on long press for that button, but now, every time we use a single press on LT it won't respond unless the button is released before the long press time threshold activation. So if we have a long press time activation at 500ms for example, if we press LT during 1 ms and 499 ms, literally nothing happens, nothing is registered. Rewasd just waits for you to either release the button before the 500 ms mark or to keep it pressed to activate toggle.

    How do we make rewasd being as responsive as having no toggle option on a button while still activating the toggle whenever the press time is long enough?

    Simple example of what i mean : we press LT, rewasd registers the input instantly and if we hold it, the button is still considered pressed, if we release it before the long press time, the button is considered released as well, as if the toggle option we entered didn't exist. But, if LT is held long enough, the toggle option "takes over" the single press and LT stays pressed down even if the button is released.

    Thank you for your help.