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PowerA Fusion Pro 2 detected only in controller-only mode

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  • Support Agent
    Icons at the bottom left are devices and groups of devices, not the configurations. It seems at some point you had two Xbox One controllers (or something that poses as one) connected to PC and reWASD saw that. The controller in the group on second screenshot is currently not connected to PC and is not the same device selected at the first screenshot. You should disband the group on second screenshot and add an Xbox One controller from the first to it. You can read more about groups here.

    It looks like you are still using the old 5.6.1 version. Latest available is 5.8.0. I suggest you to update, but before you do, make sure you have access to your personal account, as you'd need it to revoke previous activation, before you will be able to activate reWASD again as it will switch back to trial version on update. That step is unavoidable when updating to 5.7.0 or higher due to some changes we made in license system.

    It is also recommended to use the [Clear data] button available at [Preferences > General] on every update to avoid any "bad inheritance" from older versions or when something weird is happening.

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  • sviofs
    Click image for larger version

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    The Xbox only config works just fine.

    Click image for larger version

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    For the Xbox + Mouse config, it will not let me turn remap on and it does not detect the controller.

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  • 1ncorrect
    Hi. Please send screenshots of the full reWASD window with your configurations that you apply to the device group.

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  • PowerA Fusion Pro 2 detected only in controller-only mode

    I am using Windows 10. My PowerA Fusion Pro 2 controller is only detected by reWASD when I choose a controller-only configuration. I can remap the controller in this mode. When I switch to controller + mouse configuration, the controller is no longer detected by reWASD, though it continues to work as a non-remapped controller on Windows.