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Profile autodetect causes crash in Dark Souls: Remastered

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  • Profile autodetect causes crash in Dark Souls: Remastered

    Using profile autodetection with Dark Souls: Remastered causes the game to crash as soon as the profile is switched.
    This does not happen when manually dis-/connecting a controller, so I believe it has something to do with how profiles are switched.

    Is there any chance of this getting fixed, or is manually switching profiles for problematic games going to be my only option?

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    When profile is switched or disabled via [Autodetect] virtual controller get's re- or disconnected. Seems like the game doesn't like that. But we have no other way of switching profiles, so I'm afraid that changing them manually without the game running is one of two possible solutions for you right now.

    The second solution would be to set a shift, that would set keyboard and mouse to their normal behavior, so you'd be able to switch from controller to KBM with a single tap of a key (if you have [Rapid fire] feature).


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      So what exactly is reWASD doing differently compared to me manually dis- and then reconnecting the controller? There must be some difference in how it works, or it would happen there as well.

      This isn't so much me complaining about what is happening, but more trying to figure out what causes the system to react differently to actions that from my understanding should look pretty much identical, whether the controller is virtual or not.


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        Please check the Event Viewer for the events, associated with the game's process name. If there are any errors, please feel free to send it to us (the error itself, or a screenshot of it).
        Also, let us know what is the launcher that you use to play this game (e.g. Steam, EGS, etc.)

        You can also feel free to start logging as in this article.
        Use the -tracetext method, please. Once the same crash is reproduced, feel free to share logs files with us, so we can try checking what causes the issue.


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          Of course. Here's the Event Viewer error:
          Faulting application name: DarkSoulsRemastered.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5b3e2c36
          Faulting module name: DarkSoulsRemastered.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5b3e2c36
          Exception code: 0xc0000005
          Fault offset: 0x0000000000c8f4ce
          Faulting process ID: 0x4c08
          Faulting application start time: 0x01d794e132ab9966
          Faulting application path: G:\Programme\Steam\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS REMASTERED\DarkSoulsRemastered.exe
          Faulting module path: G:\Programme\Steam\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS REMASTERED\DarkSoulsRemastered.exe
          Report ID: 92e1d6b4-2879-4904-a678-390d71dc7e1b
          Faulting package full name:
          Faulting package-relative application ID:
          As the path indicates I'm launching the game through Steam.

          I've attached the TextTrace logs that were created as well.
          Attached Files


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            We appreciate the logs provided.
            We will check what could possibly cause this issue.
            The topic will be updated