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Xbox One Controller Right and Left Triggers register as DS4 triggers

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  • Xbox One Controller Right and Left Triggers register as DS4 triggers

    I am having an issue with Rewasd while using a profile that I set to Xbox One Virtual Device (Since my controller is an Xbox One Controller). It works just fine but when I use the Triggers in the game, prompts appear as DS4. I tried to resolve the issue, and it seems only to be fixed if I connect a different controller first then using my main controller, then everything works just fine, but that is honestly not a solution for me.

    Would someone be able to help me with this? I attached screenshots in-game and my configuration. I have the option to hide the Physical controller when using the virtual one.
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    Please send your config so that we can have a look.

    Click image for larger version

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      HYG the config file
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        Nothing in your config applies to triggers, and there is no mapping in general that can change the virtual controller type on the fly.

        Make sure that after applying the config, the system sees your gamepad as an Xbox One and also make sure that only one controller is displayed in the system. You can check this with the gamepad tester as well as by entering the joy.cpl command after pressing Win+R.

        It's also possible that the game just displays tips that way, regardless of which controller you're using. (You can probably choose the type of controller for tips in the game.)
        Only if it doesn't affect your gameplay, of course.

        Also, this may occur if you play a Steam game, and Steam controller support is enabled. To disable it, open Steam Big Picture, then go to Settings, Controller Settings, and remove the mark from the controller you are using with reWASD (Or if the Dualshock support is somehow enabled there).

        Make sure that you don't have any other mappers working along with reWASD. Also, try to open Preferences - General, and click Clear data.


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          I checked the gamepad tester and some other games, but it looks like the issue is with Scarlet Nexus only; I turned off all support for controllers in Steam. I reinstalled Rewased itself, but I also found something interesting when using my Gen 1 PS4 controller. I can't use my triggers altogether, which is absurd cause if I choose to remap it as an Xbox One Virtual device, it works.

          Did you guys have any issues with someone playing Scarlet Nexus cause? That would at least help me understand why that happens altogether. I can't understand why this is happening.

          I also wanted to thank you guys for responding so fast and giving me helpful insights about this, I really appreciate it


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            Perhaps someone from our team has come across similar requests for the Scarlet Nexus, but this is the first time I hear about it. It is good that this is an issue with the game and is not related to the work of reWASD, and at the same time it is bad that we cannot help you.

            We are always happy to help and hope you can find a workaround for your game.