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Playstation Remote Play and mapping button or key for holding Touchpad for 3-5 secs??

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  • seamonkey420
    hi wookie and thanks for the reply/suggestion. I will give this a try next week once i'm back home and have access to my Win Max. Looks like i may need to buy that feature since i had used a trial of the feature w/rewasd support. i'll follow up once i give this a try.

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  • wookiepediologist
    This action can be completed using the Key combo feature.

    The only thing is, from what you described, I assume, you wish to press the touchpad, like it is a button, correct? The actual, physical press, not just tapping it and holding a finger on it?
    In that case, you can just add the touchpad press to the combo and add the pause between its press and release. Pause itself will determine how much time the button will be pressed. The value is in ms.

    On my screenshot, the pause between press and release is 4 seconds.

    Still, in some cases, the game might require a combination of Tap + Press to be completed. In that case, add tap press and release before and after the pause, like on the 2nd screenshot.
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  • Playstation Remote Play and mapping button or key for holding Touchpad for 3-5 secs??

    Been a big reWASD user for a bit but have ran into an issue the last few months i can't resolve or work around.

    I have a GPD Win Max that has a built-in controller (emulates/shows up in Windows as an XBOX Gamepad) and use the Remote Play app on my win max for connecting to my PS4 and PS5.

    Some games require one to hold down the dualshock/dualsense Touchpad. HOLD, not just clicking/tapping it. I have yet to find a way to emulate this via a mouse touchpad mapping or key mapping. Is there a way to do this that i'm missing? i worked with support for a bit on this but we never got it working (that was about three months ago).

    Main game that uses this feature is GTA Online and getting to the Quick Menu (Hold touchpad for 3-5 secs) and in turn i can't access that menu without having to use an actual PS4/PS5 controller which is what i want to avoid since i bought the Win Max for having a gamepad built in and not needing to bring a controller with.