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reWASD doesn't deal well with up+left diagonal input

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  • reWASD doesn't deal well with up+left diagonal input

    I have a config that I use for Melty Blood, I'm using a brook ps3/4+ board hitbox, the only bindings that I have are 2 buttons swapped for keyboard keys (Xbox B > Space and Xbox L1 > P), the up + left combo works fine without rewasd on but as soon as I turn it on, the up + left instead of producing diagonal up left produces up only. assuming I pressed both inputs simmultaneously.

    Here's a video demonstration, first part is with reWASD off and second part is with it on

    On closer inspection it even messes up the original input of Down > Up + Right, where most of the time with rewasd off the game recognizes Down > Down + Right > Up + Right OR Down > Up + Right , with reWASD on it most of the inputs become: Down > Down + Forward > Forward > Up + Forward

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    I'd like to clarify, are those directional inputs made on D-Pad?

    It seems you are using a virtual controller, while it might not be necessary. I'd suggest making a new profile and remap those two buttons there. Or you can click on [Magic wand] in the middle and disable all options there.


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      Yeah, it works not having virtual controller bindings on the buttons, I didn't notice that, then i just bind the 2 buttons that I need, thanks Shion
      But still, that creates a new worry for me that reWASD doesn't perform so well. If I were to face a situation where I would have to map D-Pad to keyboard buttons for example on an old game that doesn't recognizes controllers, I would despise it not being a 1:1 to recreation of what my inputs in the real hardware are , timing wise.
      So we won the fight but not the war

      Correction upon further testing:
      It seems the virtual controller D-Pad bindings are the ones with this problem, just tested D-Pad > Keyboard and it seems absolutely fine performance wise (UP + Left on same frame works fine as well as all other diagonals) , so I would suggest the team look into virtual controller D-Pad performance and this thread resolved.
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        The thing is that I don't really understand what you are trying to do there. Half-circle?

        Though without reWASD it is obvious that "left/right" input gets "eaten" while with reWASD it is there. Do you mean that "eaten" variant is a proper output?


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          Edited the explanation to be clearer (you can unapprove the double post)
          I was trying to so super jump, Down > Up + Right or Down > Up + Left
          So yes, the eaten variant is the correct one.
          On super jump to the right there shouldn't be the Right input appearing between the Down Right and Up Right diagonals (seen as with reWASD off even with my human errors it was consistently done as Down > Down Right > Up Right)
          And on super jump left there shouldn't be the Up input appearing between the Down Left and Up Left diagonals (seen as with reWASD off it was consistently done as Down > Down Left > Up Left)
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            I see. We'll check this with the team, but, if I understood correctly, a reason for this might be lying way too deep, so rapid resolution might not be possible if at all.


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              I'm glad for the attention if anything, thanks a lot for resolving the first part and taking notice on the virtual controller behaviour


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                Tried to do the same with wired DS4 and got an opposite result: without reWASD - no inputs are being "eaten", while with reWASD (remapped to Xbox 360) - log is more likely to show the "eaten" variant.

                I assume that all this happens due to hardware differences and because emulation does add a bit to the latency (which might be important in this case). We emulate our virtual controllers to work just as a real one would, so those differences apply to them too.

                My suggestion is to try other virtual controllers (Xbox One and DS4) and also to switch your controller to DS4 mode if available, as the game seems to support it.