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Elite series 2 mapping and calibration

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  • Elite series 2 mapping and calibration

    hello fellow remappers,

    i recently bought an elite series 2 controller and the rewasd software to be able to map a couple additional controls for playing COD Warzone. The main feature i wanted was to be able to remap going prone to a back paddle as its own function instead of having the crouch/prone function binded to one button like on controller (One paddle is for crouch and another paddle for prone). Being able to drop shot from a simple press of a button like what KB&M players are able to do is a big advantage as opposed to having to hold down a paddle for a second to go prone.

    I will list the few reasons why i purchased the software and the several issues I am running into

    1.) Going instantly prone is only available for KB&M players within the warzone game settings. Going instantly prone isnt even an option under controller settings within warzone so my only option for this feature is to be using KB&M settings within warzone while using a controller as my input device which is what led me to purchasing the REWASD software. I have no issues with warzone thinking im playing on KB&M even though im using an elite series 2 but the issues are starting to mount as i list them below.

    2.) Calibrating the right stick of my controller to my mouse is horrible. I dont want my right stick of my controller to feel like a mouse, i want it to remain feeling like a controller. I am basically trying to use my right stick as a mouse with no aim assist. There is also feeling of lag while using the right stick and doesn't seem to be tracking my aiming well at all. I will let off from turning right with the stick and i will continue turning sometimes and additional 90 to 270 degrees. Its completely unplayable

    3.) I have also lost aim assist in game because warzone thinks im playing on KB&M and that isnt available for KB&M players within the warzone settings. I went from a 2.17 K/D to a .62 K/D

    In conclusion, what I am trying to accomplish with Rewasd is to retain the feel of my controller settings, aim assist and just add an instant prone remap to one of my back paddles. I am not trying to do anything drastic with moving my inputs around on the controller.

    To summarize, I want everything that my elite series 2 controller gave me + being able to remap going prone with one click from a paddle and thats it.

    Please help anyone

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    So your goal is to remap controller to KB&M, because the game doesn't have prone command for controllers, yet stick feels different. First time I've seen a request to remap stick to a mouse while keeping the "stick feeling".

    I can only suggest trying different values for [Virtual Mouse sensitivity]:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	sensitivity.png
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    or changing the [Response curve] at [Advanced] settings of the stick:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	response.png
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    Changing mouse sensitivity, smoothing and acceleration settings in the game might be of help too if they are available.


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      I will try that, I appreciate the help. This software is really intuitive and customizable and will come in handy for some of my other games

      For warzone though, I didn't want to move away from controller, I just really wanted that prone feature that KB&M players have. Losing aim assist is also a bummer going this route as well.

      Keep every setting and feeling with a controller + being able to go prone with one paddle press is what i was looking for.

      Warzone should really add the ability to go prone with a single paddle click for controller players within their game settings