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Call of duty war zone m&k settings? Pls help

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  • Call of duty war zone m&k settings? Pls help

    hi guys got a question,

    first of all amazing program u got here i downloaded some configs for cod cold war and it works really well but still no config gives me the feeling i want it seems i was wondering what kind of config you guys would recommend for a mouse with 600 1000 and 1600 dpi and the most important of all what in game settings do i use for controller deadzone wise etc bc no configs describe that.. i’m a medium-high sensitivity player and i’d like a smooth movement with my mouse and the opportunity to 180 with small movement thx alot!

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    First, thank you so much for your review
    We are sincerely glad that you like our app.

    As for the virtual stick settings on the physical mouse:
    It's generally normal that you don't get 100% of the expected mouse behavior after a remap. Simply because the stick, (even the virtual one) does not work like a mouse.
    It is different devices.

    Moreover, unfortunately, I'm not a COD player and I can't recommend the best combination of in-game and reWASD settings.
    These settings are very individual.

    That said, we do have a small list of general recommendations:
    - minimize in-game deadzone values and match [Deflection Low] in [Virtual Gamepad] options in reWASD to the same value (it scales from 0 to 32768, so match accordingly, like for 5% or .05 it would be 32768 * 5% = 32768 * .05 = 1638).
    - Look for balance between in-game camera turn speed and [X/Y Sensitivity] in [Advanced] settings of a mouse, with priority on camera turn speed being as high as possible while not feeling jittery.
    - [Default Response curve] is recommended, though that is a part of "personal preference", so you'd be fine with whatever you'll get used to.
    - [Smoothing] and [Noise filter] are recommended to be at 0, but that is also a "personal preference" thing. Try out different values and see for yourself what feels better.

    As for the 180-degree turn:
    This video has information on how to make a combo to quickly rotate the virtual stick. What's more, this video contains all the information on how to set up your mouse as a virtual right stick.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.