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Cant connect the Virtual Controller to PS4

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  • Cant connect the Virtual Controller to PS4


    I want to play on PS4 with my keyboard and mouse, so I got rewasd installed . So, I followed your steps of keybinding, bluetooth stuff and also how to set up and use the virtual controller for playing on playstation.When done, I run my config and seems like everythings fine. Buttons are working as I tested them and controller is visible to my pc as "dualshock4" in bt devices.
    As Im trying to connect ds to ps4, I wont get throug. PS sees the device but its not named as a dualshock or virtual controller. Device is named like "DESKTOP-1234". So, when trying to connect or pair, a message with number-key shows on my pc and asks me to confirm if it is same on PS4. But ps wont show any key. Well anyways I press yes, and it starts to connect.
    Then I get a message on pc, that controller pair was successful and is connected, but at the same time an error pops up on ps4. It says this device is not supported by system. Is it because ps does not see it as a dualshock but sa a desktop? Also it has pc icon, not the controller one.
    Sum ideas? Thankyuu

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    Please click the Bluetooth icon to see the same window I have here after you adjusted the adapter and are trying to connect to the console:

    Click image for larger version

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    Do you see any hints in Status line under the adapter? Please show me the same screenshot.


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      It works this way I already figured out, thanks, but I would rather ask if it is not possible to make it work without connecting DS through the usb? Do I neccessary need to use external controller ?? I mean, Im trying to set this up for a splitscreen play off two. So I want to use original DS and virtual one at once. Does it affect my virtual controller somehow? To have this other ds plugged in and logged onto another ps account at the same time?


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        You need the physical DS4 to be connected to the PC so we could authorize the virtual controller for the console. Without this step, it won't be possible to play with a virtual controller.

        It can be connected via BT to console at the same time though, it should work too.


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          I am sorry for the misinformation in me previous post. Unfortunately, it won't work this way. You need a separate DS4 controller for the authorization, and it should be always connected to the PC. It won't work on the console at the same time — in 8 minutes console will need the authorization, and it will be disconnected. In order to use keyboard and controller, you will have to purchase one more physical gamepad.