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  • Stadia extra buttons

    The Stadia has two extra buttons over a 360 pad (14 and 15 in Joy.cpl). Unfortunately the standard Windows Stadia driver doesn't enable analogue triggers. I've installed reWASD which enables the analogue triggers but it then emulates the 360 so I lose the two extra buttons. Is there a solution to this? Can't we create a "generic virtual device" that has all the buttons of the host device, rather than just 360 or DS4?

    (I know I can map those two extra buttons to keyboard keys but I'd rather have them as joypad buttons)

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    It is not required to use Xbox 360 virtual controller if you do not need it. reWASD also emulates a virtual DS4 controller which has additional controls including the ones on the touchpad. You can switch to it here:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	d2eed665b8.png Views:	0 Size:	457.7 KB ID:	228925

    The buttons you mentioned doesn't have the correspondent IDs on the Xbox controllers, so they are just not mapped to anything by default. You can add a combo here, use them as Shift modifiers or add any other mapping you may need. You can also switch the virtual emulation off and leave the Stadia buttons as is — just ensure that nothing is checked under the magic wand and you do not have other virtual controller mappings in your config.

    Please let me know if you have some specific mapping and mind, so I could describe how to map it here.


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      Hey. Thanks for the reply. Essentially I would like to use the Stadia controller with all 14 buttons detected by Windows AND with analogue triggers working. (Analogue triggers don't work unless I use reWASD and run a virtual controller of either the 360 or DS4). I would be nice if you had the option for a "Generic Virtual Pad" that had maybe 20 buttons (1 to 20) instead of 360 or DS4 buttons. They would then allow you to map the extra buttons that exist on something like the Stadia to this virtual pad and activate all its buttons?

      Click image for larger version

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        The buttons you mentioned, can be remapped and used, just you cannot use these buttons as a standard buttons for any other virtual controller. You can remap triggers and all the buttons, including the additional ones.
        There is just no correspondence of these buttons to any other corresponding controllers' buttons, since there are no similar keys functions on Xbox 360, Xbox One or DualShock controller.

        But as reWASDer stated, you can still use it and remap it to any button you wish.


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          Thanks wookiepediologist and reWASDer. Fair enough. Do you think it's a good suggestion to add a "Generic Virtual Controller" with plenty of buttons that can be mapped to? Most games will work fine with whatever joypad Windows has detected, not just Xbox or PS controllers. By having a 3rd (4th) option for a virtual device, you could support more buttons?


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            Any existing gamepad currently has a limited number of buttons that are recognized by games.
            Basically these are D-pad + analog sticks + triggers + bumpers + standard controls (XYBA, 1 2 3 4 (on generic) so on)
            Even if the controllers have more buttons than usual, they are usually empty for remapping.
            Having created such a virtual controller, you will be able to create empty mappings, which is absurd.

            You need to understand that in your case, these 2 buttons in question are just such "empty" buttons.
            Their functionality is perceived only by Google Stadia compatible applications.
            And it is normal that other games do not react to them and in reWASD they are "empty"


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              Lots of games will accept the extra buttons once you've mapped them in the game itself. Anything from RetroArch to Elite Dangerous will ask you to "press a button" and allow you to then press buttons over 13 in Joy.cpl. They're not "Stadia compatible".

              Essentially at the moment I can configure lots of games - in game - to use those extra buttons, without reWASD. Unfortunately because the Windows Stadia driver is rubbish, the triggers are treated as digital buttons, not analogue. reWASD, fixes this, which is great, but you are then limited to making the system think it's either an Xbox or DS4 controller. The only option you then have is to map them to keyboard presses so that the game maps to the key instead of a button. If you did have a 20 button generic virtual controller and your real controller only had 18 buttons, then of course 19 and 20 would be empty, but they just wouldn't then be mapped in any games. At least you'd have buttons 14 to 18 working and mappable in game though.


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                The problem of games that accept the input of additional keys is that there are few of them.
                RetroArch is essentially an emulator that has basic remapping functionality.
                At the same time, almost all games support DualShock 4, Xbox One or Xbox 360.
                Namely, these virtual controllers can be emulated by reWASD

                As for the 14-18 buttons in question:
                With virtual DualShock 4 emulation, you can use 18 buttons, not including touchpad taps and swipes.

                Anyway, thank you for your suggestion regarding the generic controller, we will consider it.


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                  Hey there!

                  We have discussed the topic with our team, and could confirm that we will add "Virtual Generic controller" to our to-do list. No ETA at the moment, but it sounds possible

                  Thank you for your suggestion!


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                    Thank you all! I hope I didn't come across as rude. Just to let you know that I am the head of solution architecture for one of the world largest software companies so I do understand what it's like to do software development and can also appreciate the quality, polish and robustness of your software. It's great! Thanks for adding the feature to the backlog, I think it would be a great addition.


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                      You are welcome! Thank you for your kind words

                      Will be happy to let you know once it is released.


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                        Originally Posted by slikvik View Post
                        Thanks wookiepediologist and reWASDer. Fair enough. Do you think it's a good suggestion to add a "Generic Virtual Controller" with plenty of buttons that can be mapped to? Most games will work fine with whatever joypad Windows has detected, not just Xbox or PS controllers. By having a 3rd (4th) option for a virtual device, you could support more buttons?
                        Created an account just to add my voice to this request. I first tried reWASD years ago. Recently downloaded to try again and noticed this feature is still missing. If this was added, reWASD would be an instant buy for me, and my personal recommendation to anyone who needed a gamepad mapper.

                        The inability to map my Xbox Elite controller paddles to four new buttons, or in OP's case, his stadia buttons to two extra buttons, is the only thing I want. I don't want to map to a keyboard or existing buttons on any of the available selections (PS / Xbox / Switch). A generic gamepad with configurable thumbsticks / dpads / buttons / triggers ala vJoy would be great! If not that, just the option to add a few more buttons to map the paddles would be essential.

                        I don't mean this at all to criticize. reWASD is a feature rich and beautiful program. It is just missing this component for me which is the only thing I need.


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                          The work in this direction is already in progress. It is also related to this topic: