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How to change to input assigned to a button in a well defined step-like pattern?

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  • How to change to input assigned to a button in a well defined step-like pattern?

    For example, I want the right lower paddle on my X-Box Elite 2 to input a "mouse wheel up" response by one increment, but then input a "mouse wheel down" by one increment on the next single press of the paddle. I know I could assign a different type of input, like a double tap or long-press...but sometimes, I just want to press once in a normal way and have it cycle.

    Can it be even more complex? Say, if I wanted a long string of different inputs with the same type in "press of the button." Like a single, normal press could be "mouse up", "mouse down", ctrl+1, ctrl+2, left mouse click" etc etc.

    If you would like to ask my goal, I'm creating a profile for xbox elite 2 to play Long Ark.

    I want the lower, right paddle to perform a "mouse up" on a single press and "mouse down" on the next single press. This way, I can zoom in and out really easily. No double-tap would be required.

    Thanks for your help. I *LOVE* your software! It is AMAZING! Thank you so much.

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    [Key Combo] with [Combo Break] node can do exactly that. But there is no [Mouse Scroll Up/Down] command available in the Combo Editor yet. So if it is impossible to set Zoom In/Out action in the game to other buttons that are available in the Combo Editor, then I'm afraid I don't have a solution for this.

    We have plans for Combo Editor to be able to move the mouse and use its scrolling, but there is no ETA for now.


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      Thank you, Shion! That was helpful regardless of if Lost Ark allows me to do this. I will check. Either way, I learned something new today. Greatly appreciated! I look forward to the Combo Editor incorporating the mouse functions one day. Much, much appreciated!