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    Hello, I am trying to set up reWASD to allow me to control my desktop applications with my controller. I have set up a desktop profile that automatically applies the mapping for explorer.exe, chrome.exe, searchUI.exe, etc. as recommended on other threads. This works, but my issue is that every time I switch windows the windows "device disconnected" audio tone plays, which is pretty annoying.

    Is there any way to get around this? Is there no way to make a profile automatically apply when no other profiles are applied?

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    Please go to Preferences ( at the bottom right) -> Tray Agent tab. Here, uncheck Remove applied config from slot on exit from the associated app option:

    Click image for larger version

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    After you apply the changes, your associated config will be applied once you open Explorer or something, but it won't be removed when you switch to the non-associated app.

    Also, I have one more idea for you — the "device disconnected" notification should appear only if you remove the virtual controller from the system. If you are using a config for the Desktop, it should include mouse and keyboard mappings only, and there should not be any disconnections when the remap goes off. Could you please show me your config or just ensure that you do not use the virtual controller accidentally?


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      Thank you, your first suggestion did solve my issue of the profile disconnecting upon switching program.

      As to your second idea/question, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. My config includes mouse, keyboard, and my gamepad, which I guess I am combining into a virtual controller. Here is a screenshot from inside my Desktop config, not sure if this is what you were asking for.

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        Click on the "magic wand" and deselect the virtual controller so that no virtual controller is emulated. This should prevent the creation of a virtual controller on the system and, accordingly, the appearance of these system sounds.