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    Hi i playing player unknown battleground I've created my config all based on mouse and keyboard on my controller my first shift layer 1 is my inventory my second shift layer is is when I a d s which is right mouse button it changes my sensitivity from the main shift layer but what I am trying to do is when I'm in shift layer 2 I want to go to shift layer 3 with right mouse button which is fire then I can set a different sensitivity for the right from stick to try to combat recoil when I come out of that shift there when I release the right trigger I want to go back to shift layer 2 which is my Ads but I can't seem to make it work thanks

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    If you need to switch to from one layer to another, then you should set Custom Shift Jumps in all the layers you may need. You won't be able to set an ordinary Hold combo, so you will need to "emulate" it, adding Custom Jump to go to the required layer (on Single or Start press) and one more to get back (on Release press).

    If you still have questions, please share your config with me, and I will try to add required Jumps by myself. The easiest way to get to the config file is from the context menu:

    Click image for larger version

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