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    Not sure if there is anyone else out there using REWASD with PUBG but I thought it would be cool to get a topic going on the subject. I am looking for tips, tricks, etc. to make playing PUBG with a controller a little easier. If you've had success with specific configs or layouts, please post them here. Below is a list of questions I have specifically. Thanks in advance for contributing!

    1) Virtual Mouse Settings - Where do you have your sensitivity, acceleration, and initial speed set?
    2) Anti-Recoil - Has anyone had any success using REWASD to create an anti-recoil setup with PUBG or similar games?
    3) Settings - Any particular settings tips and tricks would be super helpful (so many settings to mess with, I'm a bit lost).
    4) Xbox Elite - Does anyone have any suggestions specific to this controller type for PUBG?

    I've also attached my config in case anyone wants to check it out. Thanks all!
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    Virtual Mouse Settings are explained here.

    Combo Editor can be used to provide Anti-recoil (check cases #19 and #20 here for details) when remapping to a virtual controller.

    reWASD is unable to move the mouse via Combo, so there is no way to set up anti-recoil for games that don't support controllers. We have plans for this, but no ETA at the moment.