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Have always on profile, that is overriden by any autodetected apps

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  • Have always on profile, that is overriden by any autodetected apps

    I'm testing out trial of reWASD to see if it can do what I want.
    I haven't figured out how to have a default profile that runs all the time, and then have it switch to an application specific profile when using one.

    In other words when I am in windows, or any application that doesn't have its own profile the default profile is active.
    But if I then switch over into an application that has it's own profile, reWASD will switch to that profile.
    Leaving an app with its own profile then switches reWASD back to the default, or into the new applications profile if it has one.

    Right now if I apply a profile that isn't assigned any associated apps (to try use it as a default profile) it stays in that profile even when I enter an app that is associated to a different profile. This is a problem for my use case (different art software, and basic windows use) because I cant map the profile I want to every possible app so that it will auto switch between the two.

    Its also a shame that the trial douesn't include all the options (Slots, Combo, etc) because there is no way to see if the software can do what I need with those featuresd without purchasing it. Kind of defeats the purpose of a trial. Pretty much every software I have ever seen a limited trial of gives you all the features so you can like them and then want to purchase a higher level of the software.

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    To begin with, the trial version of reWASD implies a 7-day trial for the basic functionality and 3-day trial for each additional feature (Rapid Fire, Slots, Key Combo and Advanced mapping).
    If you have not activated the trial for these features, you can do so by going to the "License" section in the lower right corner of reWASD and clicking on the "Try" button in the appropriate tab for each of the additional features.

    Then back to the main issue.
    Foremost, make sure that you have correctly configured Autodetect for the config, the application of which will be tied to a specific application.
    Apply the config with Autodetect and the config that will be used by default in different slots. (For example, use the radar icon to apply the Autodetect config to the first slot, and manually apply the default config to slot #2).
    Then make sure the option Remove applied config on exit from the associated app is enabled in the reWASD Preferences.

    Expected result: you apply the default config in Slot 2 → go to the game / application from the Associated apps list → config with Autodetect is enabled automatically → exit/minimize the Associated app → the default config from slot №2 is enabled.


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      Thank you so so much for helping me with both issues!
      This solution for the default config works great, I don't exactly understand how but I'll have to learn more about slots and all that.

      I went ahead and purchased the combo pack now that I have seen how powerful and how much time this will save me in the long run (besides the fun of playing games with it).
      I can now map my home-made and highly modified cyborg clone and my Logitech G600 mouse exactly how I want (something I couldn't do with Logitech software, and the azeron software cant auto-detect).

      I know this is probably hijacking my own thread but I had a few other questions/sugestions:

      - I was wondering if there was any way to map a combo that includes scrolling the mouse up or down? As I haven't seen any way to do that.

      - I'm one of those people who doesn't use Querty (I use Dvorak), so selecting a key from a drop-down list or the combo mode doesn't actually map to that key, it maps to the Dvorak equivalent so for example if I want to map a button to "D" I must map it to "H" which is where D is on Dvorak. This makes mapping supper confusing in the UI if there was any way to have reWASD use the current windows keybard setup in the UI that would be fantastic. Or if that's not possible an option in the settings for other layouts for the UI would be great (Dvorak & Colemak could be a good start).

      - I would love to see the button you are pushing on the device light up in the UI, this would be especially helpful for the extra mouse buttons.

      - It would be handy to be able to drag a button setup to a different button to move them around (I see you can copy and paste, so this would just be a polish thing)

      Thanks again for your help.


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        Glad I could help, and thank you very much for your feedback on our app.

        As for the keyboard layout: we plan to support other layouts, but for now I can't even give a rough timeline.

        I can't make any promises about dragging mappings or highlighting pressed mouse or keyboard buttons in the GUI, as this can cause confusion in the config for most users. At the moment, only the backlight of the controller buttons is implemented.

        In any case, thanks for your suggestions.