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Razer - Wolverine V2 Chroma's share buttons do not show up on ReWASD

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  • Razer - Wolverine V2 Chroma's share buttons do not show up on ReWASD

    Hello. I read that Razer Wolverine's M1 & M2 buttons will not register on ReWASD but what about the 2 other share buttons it has. These for some reason do not show on ReWASD so I can config them. I attached 2 screenshots and my log file in case you need it. Will those share buttons not work on ReWASD neither? Also can you recommend an XBOX-like controller besides the Elite,, where it has extra buttons I can config/remap/use?

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    We don't support Wolverine V2 Chroma controller officially. If the device has X-input, reWASD recognizes the controller as Xbox 360/One, and share buttons are not remappable.
    Now reWASD supports more devices, though we do not support additional buttons of every controller. As far as I remember, Xbox Elite 2 and Flydigi controllers are the only ones where all additional buttons and paddles can be remapped directly.​


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      reWASD will support Razer Wolverine V2 from the next update. The higher share button will be remappable, but the button below and M1 & M2 buttons will not


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        Thank you for that info. I will wait for next update


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          Hey there!

          We have released a new special build that lets you remap Xbox Series X clones the same way as an original Xbox device. With this version, you will be able to remap Share button — and you will see it in reWASD. Would be happy to get your feedback!


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            Thank you! Shows up exactly as a Razer with buttons. Of course not all buttons cause you guys mentioned not possibleClick image for larger version

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