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  • Joystick visual configuration

    I have an Azeron Classic and I'd prefer to test the joystick rotation and axis configurations before entering a game but cannot find a way to visually see the joystick movement in reWASD. I can't get the Virtual Controller Tester overlay to appear either, so I don't know if that would show the joystick.

    So far it has been "guess and check" with the configurations but with as many different advanced configurations there are, I feel like most of those aren't even worth adjusting without being able to seeing the changes. I feel like I'm missing something basic and would like to know where I'm going wrong.

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    It is possible to test our virtual controller with:For the latter to appear, you have to apply the config and press a shortcut you can set at [Preferences > Overlay > Virtual controller tester > Enable/disable overlay with a hotkey for].
    The device you chose there doesn't have to be your Azeron.


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      Thank you, I’ll try out the first two tools. I tried getting the virtual controller tester overlay to work but the shortcut I set won’t open it. I could get the key bind overlay to work and even disabled that and changed the virtual controller shortcut to the key bind shortcut I know worked. Is there any way to open it without a shortcut key on the controller?


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        Perhaps you have selected the wrong device or keys. ​

        Click image for larger version

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        Also, Virtual Controller Tester overlay is only available if a virtual controller is used in the config.
        You can send a screenshot of your config for us to check.​​