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Xbox Wireless Adapter (gen2) /w elite 2 on 5.13.3143.0 firmware and reWASD

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  • Xbox Wireless Adapter (gen2) /w elite 2 on 5.13.3143.0 firmware and reWASD

    When I use the Adapter to connect, controller functions as normal, but shows up as disconnected in reWASD, if I plug the controller in to the PC, controller shows up and is configurable (inc. paddles)

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    Try to Clear Data.
    Open Preferences → General → Clear data button. Confirm the action and, after restarting the GUI, replug your controller ones again


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      went ahead and did that, didn't work.


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        Check joy.cpl to see how (and if) Windows recognizes your device when you use the Adapter to connect (this is a native Windows tool that displays all the connected devices). Open Windows search (by pressing Win keyboard button, for example), enter joy.cpl, and press Enter.​


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          Click image for larger version

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          Windows Sees the device, device has the same name wired or plugged in.​


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            Try to remove the controller from the list of Bluetooth & other devices and pair it again.

            Also, try to completely reinstall reWASD by following the steps:
            1. Run "Command Promt" (cmd.exe) as administrator. You need to type "cmd.exe" in the Windows taskbar search. Once it is found, right-click it and choose "run as administrator" option
            2. Switch to reWASD folder. Type cd "C:\Program Files\reWASD" and press Enter
            3. Type reWASDService.exe -drvuninstall and press Enter
            4. Restart your PC
            5. Manually remove "C:\Program Files\reWASD" folder
            6. Restart your PC again
            7. Try to install the new version from from scratch​


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              That worked, it's coming up and configurable again (inc. paddles). I appreciate the time spent helping us figure this out.