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  • Miron4ik42

    There is no limit to license transfer. You can move your license an unlimited number of times.

    It should be enough to back up your profiles from c:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles\ folder

    All reWASD settings are kept in this folder [c:\ProgramData\Disc-Soft\reWASD]

    There is no on our to-do list but we are thing about how to make this process clearer

    Thank you for your feedback​

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  • Shadi
    started a topic Moving ReWASD

    Moving ReWASD


    During the following month I need to temporarily use ReWASD on another machine then move it back to my original machine.

    1. License transfers
    I have never done that but the instructions seem simple enough
    Is there a limit to the number of times that I can transfer the ReWASD license? e.g. Max 100 times?
    Can I theoretically keep moving it back and forth if I need to?

    2. Portability
    ReWASD isn't a portable software. (as in, move the folder and you're done, e.g. and many other software)
    ReWASD seems to create many folders all over the file system, as well as installing device(s) and possibly (haven't checked) registry keys. It might also install hidden files/keys etc. for the license track
    Other similar software, DS4Windows For example, is somewhat portable since it's enough to move the folder.
    When running the DS4Windows executable for the first time on a new machine, it will install any required drivers libraries or support software.

    3. Moving ReWASD
    Besides copying the \reWASD\Profiles directory I want to maintain my complete settings and setup (including custom paths, devices, etc)
    My thinking is:
    a. revoke the license on
    b. zip the ReWASD folder on the old machine
    c. Install ReWASD on the new machine
    d. delete the main ReWASD folder created on the new machine
    e. replace it with the .zip content
    f. run ReWASD on the new machine and apply the license
    g. reverse the procedure when moving back

    Will this be enough to have a perfect copy with absolutely all settings, devices, profiles, etc?

    I am worried because on my system, I count at least 9 difference folders where ReWASD is keeping data (maybe trash in some cases)
    For example:
    \AppData\Local\Disc_Soft_Ltd\reWASD.exe_Url_xxxxxx xxxx\\user.config
    C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_32\reW ASDEngine
    There are many many others I will not list them all

    - are the steps above enough for a complete transfer?
    - will ReWASD become more portable-friendly in future? is this on someone's ToDo list?

    I need a reply quite soon since I need to transfer the license in 1-2