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Dead Space Remake - Mouse GYRO issues

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  • Dead Space Remake - Mouse GYRO issues

    Dualsense COntroller - I used a profile created for the Original Dead SPace trilogy, where the gyro works flawlessly. However for the DS Remake, the mouse-gyro works fine until I move the left stick (to move character & aim camera) and the sensitivity goes through the roof... almost like multiple mouse inputs are being stacked ontop of one another. Anyone come across this before?
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    There is a possibility that another remapper (Steam?) might be adding to the mouse speed, as your config doesn't have sticks remapped to anything.

    I suppose [Zone mappings] might also be related, though I'll need your config file to verify that. You can find it via the [Open file location] of the config right-click menu.


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      Dual Sense.rewasd - Config here with thanks... Steam and all other apps which could mess with it definitely closed.


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        You are using a very high mouse sensitivity (75) for the gyroscope mapping. I suggest lowering it and checking in-game settings for mouse and controller sensitivity options (different sensitivity might be used for different modes).


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          I tried many variations of in-game mouse sensitivity & gyro sensitivity with the same issue (I always lower in-game sensitivity first and try dialling in through the remapper first). When 'Stood still' I could dial in the gyro perfectly, but as soon as I input movement from the left analogue stick (mainly left & right movement) it went haywire. I have found a 'good enough fix' since posting... changing the left analogue stick output to WASD. Fixed immediately - now get the same sensitivity no matter what I do. Must be a DSR / Frostbite thing, the ability to use M&KB alongside Gamepad is obviously limited for now. Thanks for your time & input, greatly appreciated and it's a nice welcome to the forum.