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Remapping a mouse doesn't work well

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  • Remapping a mouse doesn't work well

    Edit: False alarm, I used Left/Right Mouse instead of Left/Right Mouse Click

    Original post:
    I have the reWASD full pack and I've been using it for controllers for the past 2 years and everything is great with it! That being said, I'm now trying to remap a mouse and it behaves...strange:

    First, I "mute" the mouse default behavior for the left click button. I'm then trying to force the left click's long-press/mouse-button-held to not do anything (None?), but instead it slowly moves the mouse cursor left as I keep the mouse button held. I tried assigning the long-press left click to something irrelevant such as the keyboard's "pause" or anything else, but it keeps on sliding the cursor left when I hold the left mouse button.

    And since the mouse's default behavior is now muted, setting the left button as a standard left click now doesn't work.

    I assigned double-clicking as the right button, and it more or less does that well enough, so that's good. I'm also trying to disable the right-click button, and I'm not sure how to do that.

    The reason I'm doing all this is because I want to remap a Zeromouse's default behavior, but it doesn't work even with standard mice (tried a Microsoft, a Logitech, and a non-brand mouse, all behave the same.)

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hey there!

    Send us your config, please.


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      Hey strokel, thanks for replying

      There is no config to speak of, all I do is pick the only connected mouse, which shows a silhouette of a mouse. then I choose the Left Button -> Mute -> Left click = Left click, Long Press = None.

      That's it.​

      Again, I tried assigning Long Press as the Pause kay or any other irrelevant key, which as mentioned - doesn't work.


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        Perhaps you have confused the mappings, and you have a left-click remapped to move the mouse to the left; most likely, this happens for this reason.

        To check this, please send us a screenshot of your mouse mappings.​


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          I'm familiar with what you're saying (happened to me when I remapped controllers), but I assure you that's not the case. Maybe you can try and and reproduce this? Should be fairly easy.

          Still, I'll send a screenshot + config in a few hours, when I get back from work


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            Then we are waiting for your config.


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              It was indeed set to Left mouse instead of Left Mouse Click...

              On one hand I'm mad at myself for wasting your time and for making a fool of myself. Sorry about that.

              On the other - this works superbly well! Much better than I expected. reWASD is so awesome.

              p.s: may I suggest in future versions to consider lowering the left/right mouse movements below the left/right mouse click in the drop down menu order and/or set it as a "Left/Right mouse Move" rather than just "Left/Right Mouse"?

              Thanks for the help!


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                Noted your suggestion. Thank you!