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Joy2Key and reWASD conflict/integration question

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  • 1ncorrect
    At the moment, reWASD basically allows you to process and remap key input from physically connected devices. Therefore, it is not yet possible to remap virtual buttons created in joy2key. We hope this will change in the future.

    We often draw users' attention to the fact that it is better not to use reWASD with other remapping software. On it, yes, the mapping conflict is quite possible.​

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  • Joy2Key and reWASD conflict/integration question

    Hi, I've been a long time user and supporter of reWASD (I own like 6 licenses lol) and couldn't be happier. I was wondering if you could help me understand how to address a specific problem I have in my home racing cockpit environment.

    I've noticed that when a reWASD profile is 'active' in my racing sim, pretty much ALL of my other controllers (racing wheels) work perfect. But there is a catch. *IF* I use another program (like Joy2Key) to map a controller button (from my wheel) to a keypress, then that mapping is ignored. reWASD just interprets the controller button original function and not the joy2key mapped one.

    My question is: Any way for me to bypass this? I simply want my joy2key mappings for my wheel to work when a reWASD profile is also active!