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Fortnite not recognizing virtual controller

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  • Fortnite not recognizing virtual controller

    I am trying to get aim assist in fornite. I have an Azeron controller. I started fresh, grouped just the Azeron with the mouse. Left my keyboard out purposely. I put simple mapping to my mouse right stick controls and left stick to my Azeron. I have muted all other buttons on my mouse. When I go into fornite it still has keyboard commands and they work, and fornite doesn’t recognize my set up as a controller. I have advanced mapping also. I have cleared everything and started fresh, but the same. Thanks for any help.

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    Open the reWASD settings and make sure the Lock input method as mouse option is enabled and the Ignore gamepad input option is disabled.
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      Yes that is already correct. I should say when I’m in lobby it recognizes it as a controller, only when I go to game it doesn’t.


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        1. Please send me the config you are using. Your configs are stored here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles
        I need the corresponding *.rewasd file.
        2. Check if the config works correctly in the gamepad tester?​


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          I turned locked input for mouse off and now it’s working. Im not sure why, but I’m happy with it now. Thank you for your response