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Azeron 1.2.5 Software and Firmware update bug

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  • Azeron 1.2.5 Software and Firmware update bug

    After updating to Azeron's 1.2.5 software (and the accompanying firmware update), whenever I turn on a profile that uses WASD for the joystick movement, something (either my keyboard or my Azeron pad) acts like it is holding down the "a" button.

    Once i rolled back to 1.2.4 the issue no longer existed. This sounds like an Azeron issue since reWASD didnt have a coinciding update, but was wondering if anyone else had the same issue as I am seeing.


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    As far as we know, there should be no problems with the latest updates from Azeron (software+firmware). Please specify the version of reWASD you have installed.


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      I have the latest reWASD version (6.5.1) installed.


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        Please also specify which device you have


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          Azeron Cyborg


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            Ok, so I have some updates regarding my personal experience for the Azeron Cyborg (purchased from Azeron website in Feb 2023):

            With the following versions:
            • Azeron 1.2.5
            • ReWASD 6.5.1
              • I uninstalled and re-installed everything. Upon initial reinstallation everything seemed to work fine.
              • However, once I selected "Turn Remap OFF" in the Windows task tray and turned ReWASD back on, the issue started to happen again.
                • The issue appears to only occur when a profile that has mapped keyboard WASD for the movement joystick is selected
                  • The issue I am experiencing is when the WASD profile is selected, it's as if the "a" key on my keyboard is held down
                  • So if I were to open Microsoft Word, a bunch of "a" would start being typed onto the notepad
                • Selecting a profile that uses Xbox 360/One for the movement joystick appears to work normally
                  • Tested this by jumping into a Xbox Gamepass game (Sea of Thieves) and played around for a bit with no issue
                • I was unable to jump into a game with the WASD profile activated as my computer kept registering that "a" was being typed
                  • However, I joined a Battlefield 2042 match with an Xbox 360/One profile selected, then changed to a WASD profile after the match started . It kept moving my character left as if I were strafing left (as if I were holding down the "a" button")
            • Azeron 1.2.5
            • ReWASD 6.5.0
              • This works fine for both Xbox input and WASD input for movement joystick
            • Azeron 1.2.4
            • ReWASD 6.5.1
              • This works fine for both Xbox input and WASD input for movement joystick
            So it looks like there is some sort of conflict with Azeron 1.2.5 and ReWASD 6.5.1 - but only for profiles that map WASD for the movement joystick.


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              To add onto my last post regarding Azeron 1.2.5/ReWASD 6.5.1: I also cleared data and reinitialized my keyboard and mouse, thinking that was the cause of the conflict, but the issue persists.


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                Alright last update for now I guess, the bug started to happen again even with Azeron 1.2.5 and ReWASD 6.5.0.

                I updated everything (Azeron 1.2.5 and ReWASD 6.5.1) and it looks like the only way I can make the issue go away is to select an Xbox input profile, move the joy stick around for a second. Then switch to a WASD movement profile.

                Weird stuff, idk anymore.


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                  To add on my most recent post: It looks like this only happens when i Turn Remap Off then turn it back on.


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                    Per this Reddit thread (, attaching my Config file for Battlefield 2042. It has mapped keyboard WASD to the movement joystick and L Shift to the center click (for sprint).
                    Attached Files


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                      Thanks for all the information provided.
                      We will check it from our end and get back to you as soon as there is news.​


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                        Thanks, I also have attached a video file of my desktop recording to show it in action. In the video, I am not touching my Azeron Cyborg at all until the 53 second mark:

                        Device: Azeron Cyborg (purchased Feb 2023)Azeron Software version: 1.2.5Azeron Firmware version: 82breWASD software version: 6.5.1Weird bug where after I tur...


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                          Hey there!

                          We have rechecked this issue on our side, it's related to the Azeron software, and we have notified them about it.

                          As a temporary solution, you can install the previous version of the software.


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                            Thanks for the update, do you happen know which version? I rolled back to Azeron 1.2.4 but this issue also persists... which is strange. I don't remember this being an issue prior to updating my Azeron software to 1.2.5.

                            There was a week when I left my profile as the WASD movement profile. Every time I would restart my PC (which I guess would inherently close and re-open reWASD), this never happened.



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                              Could you please clarify, are you reinstalling the Azeron software using the old installer or somehow rolling back the update?

                              You mentioned earlier that everything worked for you with previous software versions.​

                              Click image for larger version

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