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Problem with PCSX2 and Virtual Controller

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  • Problem with PCSX2 and Virtual Controller

    I had some problem with MAME awhile ago ... it requires controller to be present before MAME starts in order for that controller to be detected and be usable in MAME. This was solved with Leave Virtual controller connected when the physical device disconnects.

    Now similar problem with PCSX2 (versions that support DS3 sixaxis that ReWASD team baked into PCSX2 ... again, thanks to ReWASD team). If I start PCSX2 normally and launch game from PCSX2 - everything works. But if I launch game from command line with somthing like

    pcsx2x64-avx2.exe --fullscreen --portable "some game file"​

    PCSX2 does not detect Virtual Controller. Important point - ReWASD is set to automatically apply DS3 remap when PCSX2 is in focus. If I manually apply remap and then use command line - everything works.

    So my guess - Virtual Controller does not initialize fast enough even with Leave Virtual controller connected when the physical device disconnects​ option. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Don't have this emulator installed, so can't test it.

    But if the issue is with Autodetect not being fast enough, then you can try using a batch command file (BAT or CMD) to apply a config manually via the command prompt, and then start the emulator.

    An example BAT/CMD file would look like this:
    "C:\Program Files\reWASD\reWASDCommandLine.exe" apply --id 709952606805492226;709952606805492225;709970198991536641;709970441841672194;709952849655689986;709952849655689985;709988034027716609;709970441841672193 --path "C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles\Testing\Controller\Testing.rewasd" --slot slot1
    pcsx2x64-avx2.exe --fullscreen --portable %1
    Replace the ID with the ones of your devices group and the path to the config with the one you are using.
    %1 here would be whatever you type after the BAT/CMD (ex.: emulate.cmd "some game file").
    You might also want to start the emulator via the "START" command, so the Command Prompt window would not stay open.