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Is this possible? I want to set a "one-two" combo activation instead of dual press?

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  • Is this possible? I want to set a "one-two" combo activation instead of dual press?

    I'm using a Dualsense Edge grouped with a bluetooth keypad, and most everything I've set up has worked wonderfully. There's one last trick I can't figure out how to pull off, or if it is even possible. What I've done is mapped the back paddles on the controller to LCtrl and LShift. I'm wondering if it's possible to then do something like this: Press and hold LCtrl, then full pull on the Left Trigger to activate a "double tap" of the L Trigger. Ideally I'd then be able to separately do the same with LShift and the R Trigger. The key for me here is specifically being able to press one button and then pull the trigger, instead of having to press both the button and the trigger at the same instant.

    I can do something like this with a hold shift layer bound to the LCtrl paddle, but with a lot of other in-game functions tied to the use of Shift and Control keys, that gets kinda messy. Also I'd prefer to avoid using a hold layer if at all possible due to certain program limitations regarding releasing shift layers and multi-button combos. I've got this working on the Steam controls layer using a Chord activator, but I'm also hoping to avoid too much profile-overriding as I can.


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    You can [Mute] and remap your triggers to a [Combo] similar to this and enable [Turbo] flag for it on that shift layer:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Untitled.png Views:	0 Size:	22.8 KB ID:	237993

    This [Combo] will tap and hold the trigger for 10 seconds or until you release it. Adjust the first two pause nodes for "first tap hold" and "pause after tap" intervals.

    Note: as a result, you will lose its analog range while on that layer.


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      Thanks! It's kinda working, but unfortunately has other unwanted results as well. I've moved on to use this example with mapping a double press to the adaptive triggers instead.