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R2 when held down just keeps triggering

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  • R2 when held down just keeps triggering

    Hey guys,

    Im so glad I found this software, it seems to work with my Fregfx Splitfish In Ps4 mode on PS5 remote play as well as I could ask, except for 1 thing, the button mapped to R2 acts like it is in turbo mode. It constantly triggers R2 whilst it is held down as if i am spamming the button rather than holding it down. Im guessing it may be a easy issue to fix but after a few hours trying I have had to admit defeat and come and ask.

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    Please send me the config you are using. Your configs are stored here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles
    ​​​​​​​I need the correspondent *.rewasd file.


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      Thanks for looking at this for me, really appreciate it
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        Tested your config on a hardware tester and the R2 button works correctly.

        Could you double-check this from your side and, in case the issue repeats on the site, record a video for us?

        Thanks in advance.​


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          Thank you so much for your help, so fast too! ive come across the problem and fixed it and will tell you with much embarrassment

          Splitfish has a rapid fire function build in and some how it had been activated!

          I wont ever get them few hours back, but so glad its working, off to play and test this beauty out, thanks so much!


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            We are always glad to help