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  • PSOBB Configuration

    Hopefully I word what I am wanting to do right.

    So let's say this game has a hotkey on numpad from 0-9. I am using an X-Box One Controller

    I want to set up REWASD so when I hold RT/LT plus a direction on D-Pad, it'll correspond with one of the buttons on numpad.

    Example Hold RT+ Press D-Up = 3

    Now I have managed to get this to where when I press the two buttons at same time, it triggers three.

    Problem however is I want to press RT, then press D-Up to trigger the number 3 on the D-Pad. After fiddling with turbo, delay, etc, I don't feel like which options I pick makes a different. I have to press the buttons at same time, which can be awkward in this game. I play claw grip and even this can be rough.

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    Hey there!

    You can achieve the desired result using Shortcuts.


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      Thank you for the link strokel. It lead me to the shortcut section which I was already doing, but reading further into the page lead me to the options "Shortcut Press Time" which I set to the max and seemed to have solved all of my issues. This app has a customer for life now. Thank you for your time!


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        You're welcome.
        Should you have any other questions or require further assistance, please let us know.