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  • Dualsense touchpad control

    I'm trying to use the dualsense touch-pad as, well, a touch-pad. But it doesn't work quite as well on PC as it does on PS5. Clicking the mousepad to mouse-click causes the mouse to drift a bit, causing mis-clicks and drags. Releasing my finger causes the mouse to move as well. This issue doesn't exist on the PS5. Also, reWASD can simulate pinch and swipe, but how do i actually pinch and swipe?

    Does reWASD have solutions for this? Thank you.

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    I'm not sure that I understand you completely.
    Could you record a video of the issue or describe it in as much detail as possible?

    Thanks in advance.​


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      Hm... I don't know how to record a video. But imagine every time you click your mouse, your mouse moves 10 pixels to the left before it clicks. This is what happens when I use the DS5 touchpad for mouse movement and mouse clicking. It can cause me to mis-click, or if the mouse movement still continues after I press on the touchpad, it will click&drag.

      The DS5 touchpad seems to detect the tiniest of movement. It's possible being able to set a threshold would help, so a minimum amount of movement is required to travel across the touchpad in order to move the mouse. But I don't notice any threshold controls.


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        I mention this in Touchpad behavior on DualSense - reWASD Forum​ ... I also provided workaround for it ... but that workaround has performance cost to it (for my use case that was acceptable to me).


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          Please try the workaround suggested by tij
          If this doesn't help you, please send us a video so we can see your issue in more detail.


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            Tij's solution is actually a good solution for what it does, so I appreciate his input as I will be using for it somewhere, perhaps in slower paced environments or when I just need that one extra button.

            However, a couple of problems with it is I have to change a global setting, rather than applying it to a specific profile, so it might be something I have to remember to change for some games, perhaps finding out too late. It also does come at a performance cost like he says, and I want to be able to play games where I need it to react more quickly. The mouse will also still move when I lift my finger up. And it doesn't do anything for my original problem where the mouse moves when I press the physical click of the touch pad.

            I suppose I can send a video, but all you'll see is the mouse moving when I click the touchpad or lift my finger. Are you sure this explanation isn't clear enough? I would hate to have to go through the trouble of finding out how to screen capture and upload just to provide no extra clarity.


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              Originally Posted by strokel View Post
              Please try the workaround suggested by tij
              If this doesn't help you, please send us a video so we can see your issue in more detail.
              Yeah ... global setting suck bad, especially if you want to define something that involves holding button ... i suggested before to define click and tap timing for each layout (not global) ... so if finger touch and lifts within that time, then pad does not move mouse

              The workaround is based on ... you put finger on pad ... if within specified time finger is still there (hold) ... then pad jumps to layer where movement on pads is register as mouse movement (and there is no click or taps on thos layer) ... hence, performance issue - set that time too long, and it feels sluggish between you putting finger on pad and mouse start moving

              the cursor should not move even for click ... my timing of 150ms (if I remember correctly) was tuned to tapping ... so if after flnger stay on pad longer than 150ms - a layer for mouse movement will engage

              150ms ... was about my slowest tap speed ... i could still work with 100ms, but it felt I need to concentrate to make faster taps

              For clicking... 150ms might be too fast ... need to experiment by increasing timing ... until you get something comfortable


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                I guess I got you

                I'm afraid I won't add something new. When you put your finger on the touchpad and press down to click, your finger moves slightly, and the movement is triggered. There are no settings in reWASD that could fix it


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                  Although, there is one idea that might be useful to you.

                  Try to add to the Tap Jump to Layer mapping with the delay before Jump. Then, in this Layer, add the mouse to the touchpad.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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                  As a result, the mouse mapping will appear after a tap​


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                    Yeah, this doesn't appear to be something reWASD can handle. I mean, it's just a button mapper at its core, so I can't expect it to do everything.

                    The suggestions on here have been awesome and will give me something I can at least work with to some degree. It's unfortunate that Sony doesn't provide drivers for its controller that gives us a mouse experience that's similar to the PS. They really do have the best controller. I even attached a keyboard to it for maximum functionality. If I could just get the mouse problem solved...

                    I appreciate everyone's help!