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Remapping analog triggers into a single axis?

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  • Remapping analog triggers into a single axis?

    Absolutely loving what reWASD has allowed me to do with Elite Dangerous and an Xbox Elite controller. There is one thing however where it seems to fall short, and I can't for the life of me figure out if this is possible through it, or if it's something that could potentially be in the roadmap.

    Right now, Elite Dangerous has two ways to set your yaw in the game: either as an axis for analog support, or as single digital presses.

    Even though the controller's triggers are in essence an axis (I believe reported as Z axis) there is no way to assign this as the yaw in the game, as it will detect it as "RT" or "LT" for the controller, and only works with whichever trigger is the one assigned. The analog function works beautifully on this btw, just only one trigger, not both.

    Is there a way in reWASD to remap this so that both triggers act as a single axis and isn't reported as merely a "RT" or "LT" input signal?

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    Unfortunately, I couldn't test it in-game right now, but I have some ideas about how you could add analog mappings to your triggers.

    First, go to in-game settings and set Yaw to Mouse-X-axis.
    Second, go to reWASD and map Left Mouse Move and Right Mouse Move to Left and Right Trigger respectively.
    Third, add unmaps for both triggers.

    Here is how it looks:

    Click image for larger version

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    Mouse moves should be analog, so mapped to trigger they will also be detected as analog movement. I believe it should work.
    We will check it in Elite Dangerous a bit later and I'll get back to you if I have any other findings.

    Hope it will help!


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      OH! I hadn't tried this method yet, I will give this a try when I get back home and report back on whether or not is a viable solution. Thanks!


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        Wow....all this times trying things out (even vJoy / UJR...which did a number on my computer and I had to reset to a previous restore point) and I never thought of trying this... it works!
        I had to go and unbind from the settings the LT/RT off the digital yaw input, for some reason it was still picking those up even though I unbound those through reWASD?
        Regardless, it is now working as expected and I am just finetuning some of the mouse settings around it like deadzone and sensitivity to get the feel I want. I am not super happy that I either have to turn off the mouse widget dot or get used to the mouse arrows, but that's a very minor inconvenience and will do for now until either Frontier decides to give us separate axes for (analog) yaw, or somehow some way to remap that axis is added to rewasd.

        Either way, thank you so much for your help!
        My perfect Elite control scheme moves one extra notch closer to completion thanks to you


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          Great to know that it works! Thanks a lot for letting me know. Have the great gaming experience

          Pretty strange that the game still sees the triggers after the unmap. We will check this thing from our side.


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            It honestly might have been an issue on my end, maybe I didn't hit Apply like I thought I did.

            Actually I'm almost positive that was the issue, as I ended up going back and reenabling the regular mapping on reWASD for those, (in addition to the new mouse mapping), as I needed to use that again for another different mode interaction in ED, and the mouse mapping doesn't interfere with (the FSS stuff in ED in case you are curious)