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What is your favorite gamepad?

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  • What is your favorite gamepad?

    Do you have an all-time favorite gamepad? Is it new or old but gold? Or maybe it is not a gamepad but a gaming mouse/keypad or any other device? Do you use it separately or in a group with other ones? Would be happy to know more about your gaming tools

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    PS3 Nav Controller for movement (connected wirelessly) and paired with a G502 wireless mouse for FPS games. It feels so natural you'll wonder how you even considered the keyboard WASD in the first place. Its one of those things you have to try to understand.


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      Thanks for sharing, this is truly an interesting combo. Do you add keyboard mappings to the Nav and use your mouse as a mouse?


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        I don't really have a favorite gamepad at the moment, all of them have compromises. I love the Steam Controller -- specifically the triggers and the touchpads -- but it's a loud beast and many of the buttons require quite a bit of force to be pressed. It didn't bother me until I had used a DS4 for a year going back it's a bit tough to use. The DS4 with the official back button attachment is current primary device but joysticks are archaic. They do the job fine but I don't use the right joystick for aiming and the large touchpad of the Steam Controller is amazing for movement bindings.

        However both of these devices require my hands to positioned together and they also supply a symmetrical arrangement of keys. I've used joycons in the past and I love the split controller design but the controllers are much too small for my hands and the abysmal 66hz polling rate creates noticeable input latency. The Gypard controllers look like interesting alternatives to the joycons as long as the hardware ends up being top notch (250+ hz polling rate and an accurate IMU, hopefully 9-axis to help counter drift) and would work well for PC-centric games if paired with something like the Logitech G13 or Nostromo n52 in the left hand for hotkeys. I'm really, really interesting in the etee controllers. The top thumb part acts very much like the Steam Controller touchpad (can use to swipe or scroll or have it act like a joystick) and the touch grip looks great for assigning bindings to all of your fingers -- instead of usually just your thumb, primary, and middle fingers). But we'll see how they work when more reviews come out. The tech on the grip needs to be really good in order to not have misread or dropped inputs due to fingers being slightly off the sensors or something. It could also add to immersion by bringing the gesture based inputs of VR to flat gaming.

        But for now I'm happy with the DS4 (plus back buttons). It isn't perfect but it tends to get the job done in a majority of things. I also love peripherals and have dance pads and fight sticks for those special occasions (2D games deserve to be played with an arcade stick 😅).


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          Wow! You have an awesome collection of devices!

          We haven't seen Gypard or Etee controllers yet, but both look promising. We will try to check them and understand if they could get some additional benefits from reWASD