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  • Recoil control?

    Would there be a way to automatically input a small amount of down right stick when pulling the right trigger, a touch if you touch it and a hold if you hold it? I already use shift to reduce the sensitivity of the right stick when holding left or right triggers, but I want a touch of down trigger when I shoot for recoil control in Destiny 2. Thamks

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    You can create a combo to do this. Here is the one that I think will work:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	6bb7e3c079.jpg Views:	0 Size:	41.7 KB ID:	217051

    You will need to add Turbo to it too:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1b4fd44c90.jpg Views:	0 Size:	28.3 KB ID:	217050

    Once you press a trigger, you get not only trigger press but also Right Stick that goes down for 10% and gets back to the normal state after just 10 ms. Next half of a second you get trigger only. Then, one more stick movement and pause again. You may add a long combination of pauses and stick moves and finish it with trigger-up node.

    The combo is pretty long (actually, it needs to be even longer) and so we need turbo. With turbo, the combo will execute from the beginning and will stop once you release your physical trigger. So you will get a single shot with recoil control if you press and release trigger at once and you will get several stick movements if you press and hold your trigger.

    Not sure about frequency and pauses, it is better to test in game.


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      Thanks, I got it working it was very simple. I used a key combo to do RT and RS-20, on hold until release. Works perfectly! I now have the most insanely sophisticated Destiny 2 gamepad mapping. Very pleased! Thanks.


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        Great! Thanks for letting me know and have the best gaming experience


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          Thanks, although it does work in a simple config. For some reason in my config with several shift mappings it doesn't work.

          I have two shifts, one on left trigger and one on right, to lower the sensitivity of the sticks to 80%. This means I can run the maximum sensitivity in game, but when I fire or aim the sensitivity drops down. This works perfectly. However when I apply the recoil control to the base mapping, it fails to fire 90% of the time with this setup. I think it is getting confused or the combo doesn't work when there are other shift mappings. I may try and remake the whole thing from scratch in another profile and see if it works.

          I remade my whole profile from scratch and it works. IT WORKSSSSS!
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            Originally Posted by Mrcellophane1978 View Post
            I remade my whole profile from scratch and it works. IT WORKSSSSS!
            Great news :satisfied:
            Sometimes trying to make everything from scratch is a perfect idea!


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              It was the deadzone. for some reason when the deadzone was really small, the automatic down stick wouldnt register. increased the deadzone and it was all ok!


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                Ha, that's interesting and a bit strange cause small deadzone should work in the opposite way. Anyway, happy to know that it is OK now.


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                  Yes that's what I thought, but it's definately doing it. I'm still having a slight problem where the automatic down stick isn't always registered in game, but it seems intermittant, I may have to adjust the deadzone a bit more. Would the "affect gamepad hardware" checkbox do anything to help this?


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                    In my example, i move stick on 10%. You can try to increase this value to 15 or 20% maybe in order to be sure that the stick movement is registered. Also, you can add a bigger pause between stick with some positive or negative value and stick with 0, so the movement will be a little longer and the game will be able to detect it.

                    As for Affect gamepad hardware option, it doesn't influence on the virtual sticks.


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                      Thanks for the reply. I don't get what you mean by adding a bigger pause? Do you mean the amount of time the downstick is held? I am using "hold until release" or it doesn't work, and I don't think you can add a pause to this? Thanks.


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                        Oh, for hold until release mode it isn't necessary, you are right. In this case, the stick will be back to the normal state once you release a trigger. Have you tried to hold it a bit longer?


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                          Yeah its strange, whenever I test it in the windows USB gamepad tester it works, but about 10% of the time when I shoot it doesn't control recoil, then I press again and it works. I wonder if as it's trying to do the two things at once, it misses one... or something. Maybe If I try downstick, then a 10ms pause, then the shoot button...


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                            Hi. Bad news on the recoil control area I'm afraid. Firstly I have discovered why it sometimes seems to work and sometimes doesn't and secondly I have discovered a problem with the whole thing so it doesn't work in combat at all

                            When you fire the gun it correctly applies the down stick for perfect recoil control - what I wanted. However, as soon as you input any right stick at all, it over-rides the downstick that is coming from the key combo, and the recoil control immediately goes away.

                            E.g. I have -40 for recoil control. However if I move the stick myself to -10, or +10, or to the side, it immediately cancels -40, so the recoil control goes away and is useless, as you will always be moving and adjusting aim to follow people etc when shooting.

                            So I was testing it against the wall and it works perfectly, but when in actual combat it doesn't work. It doesn't ADD -40 to whatever input I want for the stick. What it really needs to work is to maintain two input functions, the one from the key combo, added to the one that is coming from the stick. Then it would work. I know that Cronusmax can do this, but is it possible for Rewasd to do this? Or is it too complex to implement?

                            This is also the reason why the deadzone was affecting it. If you move the stick when firing, and that new input over-rides the old one, the original key combo doesn't then begin to work again until the stick is reset in the deadzone. If you have a large or standard deadzone, it easily finds this when you release the stick, so the combo is reset. But if the deadzone is really small, it may not find it, even when you release the stick (even if the stick is so close to centre that there is no input), so the key combo doesn't work.

                            In any case, unless there is a workaround, or the software can be altered to allow key combos to either just fire, or to add an input weighting to the stick input, recoil control can't work. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

                            I hope this makes sense and perhaps is helpful to development.


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                              Thank you for the detailed post, got it. We've tried different options but the recoil control seems not to work for hold until release combo mode somehow
                              Still, we got some results with execute at once one, but they are not perfect.

                              For additional testing, I need a bit more info from you. Could you please share which weapon you use and how do you use it actually? Do you press and hold trigger to get the repetitive shots? Do you press and release trigger often?