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    Hi. Thanks for the reply. I am trying to use this on many weapons, such as single shot pistols (hand cannons in destiny) which have a lot of recoil. If you fire the gun and simultaneously push down on the thumbstick for the duration of the shot (VERY hard to do) then this controls recoil.

    Also on auto rifles and submachine guns the same thing is true, but you exert continous down pressure on the right stick while firing, and it controls recoil.

    That is why i was so pleased when I thought I had found a fix with "hold until release", but of course as I said, as soon as you apply any right stick, even to the side, it just overrides the key combo and stops it working.

    I could see perhaps a workaround with single shot weapons with execute at once, e.g. Fire equals down on right stick, fire, up on right stick, but otherwise no good? :(


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      I see. We will think what is possible to do, no worries.

      reWASD adds stick moves as absolute values that is why when you push the original stick, you do not see the combo results. We will also investigate how we could add relative moves to combos in the next versions.