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Web Home, Web Search not UNMAPPING on 5.3?

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  • Web Home, Web Search not UNMAPPING on 5.3?

    Hi. I have a wireless keyboard remote, that previously worked without a problem. After the 5.3 update i noticed that the Home key ( the web Home-with a house icon ), and the Search button ( Magnifying glass icon) doesn't unmap anymore. So now, when i press Home, it opens the web home and also types an F ( that is the key that I remapped inside rewasd).
    Those keys are important to me, since there are just a few keys on one side, on that type of "Media remote" .
    Click image for larger version  Name:	516WTY91hcL._AC_SY400_.jpg Views:	0 Size:	30.0 KB ID:	218650
    The Remote

    I tried this from a standard usb keyboard also ( added as a device, made a config then mapped the Home button to letter S, and clicked the UNMAP then applied it), and is not working, is the same as the other.
    Anyone can confirm this? Thank you.
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    The unmap work none of the devices that have been connected? Areother keys are worked for now? Does the keyboard reports as several keyboards that seen in reWASD or as a single device? Please take the screenshot of the connected devices in the reWASD?

    I just tried to remap one of my multimedia buttons (volume up) mapped to mouse up - it's working. Unfortunately, no Web Home or Wen Search buttons on my keyboard. Do volume up or down are working unmapped?
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      Thanks for your response. As i said, on both my devices, ( wireless air mini keyboard and standard logitech usb keyboard), the mapping works the same. Those buttons ( web, search) are NOT working, but volume up is working fine ( unmapping and everything).
      EDIT: I MESSED UP THE DESCRIPTION TEXT IN THE IMAGE ! The first one is the Wireless Keyboard ( is in yellow ofc) and the second one is the standard usb.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	rewasdHomeETC.png Views:	0 Size:	389.8 KB ID:	218653
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        Thank you for your reply.

        I think we found the problem why web, search buttons aren't unmapped and it's a reWASD side problem. Going to fix it next release! You may downgrade to 5.2.2 temporary if these buttons are too important for your daily basis. The setup is available for your account to download.

        Our apologies for the inconvenience.
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          Sorry for the late reply. Thank you, I just wondered how i could downgrade to 5.2.2 in order to test if it works with that version again.
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            Sure, please, login your account, unfold "Download" tab and download the version 5.2.2
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              Ok. I need Help please. I uninstalled the 5.3 version without deleting my configs/license etc, restarted my pc, installed 5.2.2, rebooted again. I now have all the configs in place, but i cannot apply any ( remap is always OFF), no matter if i hit apply, hit the "Remap is OFF" button . What i did wrong? Now nothing is working anymore.

              I did a clean install of 5.2.2 ( delete everything license cofig etc, i backed up my profiles folder) , and installed 5.2.2 again and now it is working...phew.
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                Oh, seems our help is a bit late, and it is OK now.

                Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience