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Web Home, Web Search not UNMAPPING on 5.3?

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    8. Open the cmd again after the PC reboot. Do the same steps to run StartLog.bat again. Open the installed reWASD to reproduce the reported above problem.
    This step ( THE REPORTED PROBLEM) is happening to me after I restart my PC again , so not right after the restart that reWASD instalation requires, but the next PC restart i have ( for whatewer reason).
    So I've sent the logs on the email from README with these steps; (logfile name) > Started the log before uninstalling 5.5.1, then stopped it after it finished uninstalling but before rebooting the PC. (logfile name) > Started the log after installing 5.5.0 and rebooting my PC once ( so first restart after the 5.5.0 installation) , and stopped after i entered reWasd , added a device and assigned a profile. (logfile name) > Started after the second pc restart, when the problem with the driver kicked in. After I started the logs, I tried opening reWasd, then the prompt for the driver came in and not being able to install the driver after the prompt, reWasd closed. Then I stopped the logs.
    Finally, the requested by You is also attached.


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      Thank you for your cooperation! We will check the logs out and back to you with updates.
      Don't worry! Be Happy!


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        Hello saberX

        Thanks again for pointing us to the issue with consumer keys. It is fixed in reWASD 5.6 that is out now.
        You can learn more about this update from this post.


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          I can confirm that it is working now. Thank You for the update. Regards.


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            Hi there,

            Great news! Thank you for your feedback, glad that everything is working.
            Don't worry! Be Happy!