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Shift Mode Shenanigans: Held mouse button stops functioning when changing modes

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  • Shift Mode Shenanigans: Held mouse button stops functioning when changing modes

    Hi reWASD team,

    While there appears to be some knowledge around the existing problem of shift mode 'not activating correctly/slowly' ( or 'preventing passthrough from working' (; these do not completely reflect my experience with the problem.

    I am using a DualShock 4 controller under Guild Wars 2; a game that requires manipulation of camera viewport through holding right click + mouse movement, and has been configured as such using Right Stick (RS) to control the camera's viewport without incident; until Shift Mode is activated, which causes Right Mouse Button (RMB) to deactivate, thus causing the mouse pointer to scroll off into the held direction.

    A method that works perfectly with Shift Mode is to configure a controller button with RMB and use the Stick without Advanced features applying RMB. However, as soon as the Stick's Advanced feature is reconfigured with RMB and still operating the controller button with RMB, the problem reappears... and it does not matter which sequence button/stick is first manipulated, Shift Mode will continue to release RMB. This seems to signify that Stick Advanced features are not operating correctly as a held until released button. So, I tried configuring Stick Advanced with a Key Combos using RMB set to 'Hold until released' and it failed just the same.

    While there are workarounds, they are not optimal; therefore, is/will there be a fix to this problem?


    Attached is a simple reWASD mapping for testing:
    • L1 = Shift Mode with added hotkey (for weapon swap; not important, but used to check L1 Activation)
    • Cross (X) = Right Mouse Button (RMB)
    • Left Stick = Mouse move without Advanced mapping
    • Right Stick = Mouse move with Advanced mapping of RMB to Stick High
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    There is indeed a momentary release of [RMB] happening on [Shift] change. We'll add this to our "to do" list. Thank you for reporting!