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Make a button also toggle off another button that is currently toggled on.

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  • Make a button also toggle off another button that is currently toggled on.


    First of all, big fan of the software, really enjoyed it so far. Great work.

    I'd like to use toggle on a button, here LT on xbox controller. So i select toggle option on Single press option. But the thing is, i would like LT to be released when i push other buttons on the controller while still keeping their normal mapping (not all of them, but i could select a few buttons that would cancel the toggle on LT), instead of having to press LT again to cancel the toggle.

    I've been trying many things, it doesn't seem possible to me so far. I tried to remap other buttons so they would press LT before activating their respective input, for example remap "A" button into "LT then A" but, of course, it doesn't work because the software still considers LT being pressed since i haven't physically pressed it again to cancel toggle.

    So i'm stuck and i have that weird feeling it's not possible. Maybe a workaround could do the trick, for example, is there a button/function to reset/short circuit all inputs being currently registered by the software? so it cancels automatically every toggle/turbo/macro etc being used to avoid infinite loops. Weird trick but I guess that would do the same thing to me.

    Thank you for your help.

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    First, we are glad you like our software!

    Regarding the release of particular button by pressing another one, it is not possible at the moment. If you used some particular button for pressing the button, please use the same button for releasing it. It is like a caps lock. You press it once for the big letters, then press it again for normal ones.

    reWASD has the emergency buttons Ctrl+Alt+Delete to stop remap anytime, and no mappings will be reproduced after pressing it.
    Also, you can stop all the currently running combos by pressing Menu+View+Left Bumper + Right Bumper.
    Click image for larger version

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      Arf, my apprehension was right then. It really felt like it was not doable from the tools i had. The stop combo is a good alternative on paper, but impossible in practice. I can't edit the shortcut (it's too long by default) and it would slow down reactivity of inputs on controller way too much anyway. Never mind, thanks for your answer. Do you know if it's possible that would be added one day? A way of simulating physical pressure on a button via a macro on another button. Or is it a bit too niche for that?


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        We are not sure if it will ever be implemented in reWASD.

        Still, we have noted your request, we may find some solution one day.

        Also, there is a command available for mapping that disables the remap. If you wish to use the emergency stop, in that case, you can use this feature.