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  • Send keys as controller buttons


    Alright, this one is weird, i know. I don't even know if it's technically possible outside of rewasd but here it is.
    I have that program on steam that displays a crosshair overlay on the game I'd like to toggle it on and off during the game with the controller, but it only toggles by assigning keyboard keys (the program won't recognize a controller button to toggle the overlay). So the obvious thing to do is remapping one of the controller button to the key on keyboard that togggles the overlay (or make a macro with the key + the original button, whatever we need to do). It works as it should but the game recognizes a keyboard input for a sec instead of a controller one, so all the hud indications switch to keyboard/mouse mode, then comes back to controller buttons hud as soon as it registers the next controller input.

    I know it sound like first world gamer problem but the flickering of hud changing from controller to keyboard and vice versa is kinda annoying so i was wondering if it was possible to send the key as a controller input, if that means anything, just so the hud doesn't change but also while the steam app i mentioned recognizes the key to toggle the overlay.

    Also, i was wondering if it was "harmful" at all for a PC to constantly receive alternatively keyboard/controller inputs (in the extreme case for example where we'd use rewasd for half of the buttons of the controller remapped as keyboard keys and the other half not remapped).

    Thank you and sorry for weird question.

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    I'm afraid your situation can only be resolved by the game itself, if it has an option to receive only controller inputs, as there is no way to send keyboard inputs from a controller, or send them only to a certain application with reWASD.

    If there are keys the game does not react to, that can be set as a toggle in your software - you should remap controller button to it.

    It is not harmful in any way for PC to receive both keyboard and controller inputs. Some games, which can work in background mode, can even be played with a controller on a second screen simultaneously with another person working on your PC.