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Response curve do not works properly in stick mode.

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  • Response curve do not works properly in stick mode.

    Hello! I have been using your wonderful software for a long time, but there has always been one problem, which has now begun to interfere a lot. The problem is that by changing the Response curve of the stick in the Right stick mode (not mouse, in the mouse mode it works properly), the very first physical millimeter of the stick does not lend itself to adjusting the Response curve and remains in linear mode. I can put the first point, for example, at the coordinates x - 2400, y - 150 and the pc will read the stick readings so that with the minimum stick deviation, for example, to the left, there will be a sharp jump, as if I tilted the stick not by 1 degree, but by 5 or even more. And so in each direction, as if some kind of anti-dead zone mode is on.
    If I switch the right stick to Mouse mode, then there is no such problem and the minimum deviation is in line with my expectation. I purchased this software in large part because of the very fine tuning of the Response Curve, but that same setting is currently preventing me from using your software. If I have not explained clearly enough, then I will try to do it differently:

    Если проверять положение стиков геймпада на сайте , то там очень хорошо видно, что самые минимальные наклона стика читаются, как наклон в ~5 раз больше, чем должен быть.

    If you will check the position of the gamepad sticks on the website, then it is very clear there that the very minimum stick tilt is read, as the tilt is ~ 5 times more than it should be. If you move the right stick only along the horizontal axis, then at the very beginning of the movement, the stick will jump from the -0.01961 state to the 0.01176 state, and the next point, to reach which you need to tilt the stick in exactly the same way as during the first state change, will be determined by the site, as a point with a value of 0.01961. The change in deviation is 4 times less than the first change in the position of the stick noticed by the site. In the game, it looks like by tilting the stick to the minimum possible angle, the camera abruptly begins to turn at a fairly high speed in one direction, when the position changes, the camera sharply changes the vector of movement in the other direction. In stick mode, like Mouse, there is no such problem. (I can match the sensitivity value that is the same for the mouse and controller, in which case the behavior of the stick in Mouse mode and Stick mode is exactly the same, except for this initial sharp change in rotation, which I mentioned above.
    I hope I have explained the essence of the problem in sufficient detail so that you can help me and solve it. Thanks in advance!
    P.S. Controller - Dualsense.
    P.P.S. My points Response curve (Custom) — 1 = (2400,150), 2 = (10000, 1500), 3 = (20110, 5570), 4 = (30500, 15700).
    I recorded the screen of what it looks like on the site -

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    Please check Affect gamepad behavior for games option when you adjust the deadzone:

    Click image for larger version

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    This one is required in order the deadzone is applied to the virtual stick.

    Then please re-check if the issue persists, and if yes, send me the config you are using, so we could re-check it from our side (right-click on the name of the config you're using to open the contextual menu, and choose Open file location; then send me the chosen *.rewasd file). Also, one more question: which physical controller do you use?


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      "Please check Affect gamepad behavior for games option when you adjust the deadzone:"

      It really helped me, thanks!!!