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Rumble not working with a DualShock 3

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    Originally Posted by Cuzzin Chizzy View Post

    is this what you need?
    Yes, thanks. However, we still need Agent/GUI logs. They didn't end up in the Driver/Service logs folder. You can find them in C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Logs in .txt format.
    We need files:
    reWASD engine TextTrace
    reWASD TextTrace
    reWASD engine TextTrace - Controllers.


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      thanks, ok think I got em


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        Thanks for the provided logs. We will analyze them and contact you when there is news.


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          Hey there!

          We have checked the logs, and it seems that rumble is present according to the log. Also, it seems that you are using the Steam's driver. Could you please try to turn Xbox Extended Feature Support off in Big Picture, restart your PC and try again? Not sure if it could influence here, but it is worth trying.


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            thanks for your help checking into all of this you guys

            I tried turning off Xbox Extended Feature Support in Big Picture, restarted my PC and tried again. Getting the same results there.

            Now I'm starting to think I've been duped though. I just bought a used/refurbished controller from a local used game store that usually has legitimate products. The controller seemed legit and didn't have anything that screamed fake. The rumble works, the sixaxis tilt works perfectly, and the controller feels pretty good.

            After having these issues though I started trouble shooting thinking it was an issue with this controller, even though everything seemed to be working right, maybe something somewhere wasn't. So first I started comparing it to the DS3 that came with my slim with PS3 games on my Slim console. The refurb felt ever so slightly lighter, and i noticed that the rumble also felt a tiny bit different. At first I chocked this up to reading about how later versions of the DS3 had removed some extra plastic inside and were lighter. But then I also noticed the label on the back, while at first glance looks like it could be legitimate looks vastly different from the OG DS3. I thought maybe it was a european controller. The model is SECHZC2E (Europe?). where the OG model is CECHZC2U (US?) Then I tested for analog face buttons, and the refurb unit doesn't have analog function in MGS2 HD but the OG does.

            The last thing I tried was unpairing the OG DS3 from my Slim and pairing it with the PC and reWASD. I noticed a difference right away in that instead of all 4 LEDs flashing and staying lit after connecting like with the refurb, only the player one LED flashed and stayed on. Then rumble was working in reWASD and in games.

            So now I'm pretty sure that the refurb is a fake controller. But maaaan, it's VERY convincing in the feel of it. I'd almost want to keep it even if it was fake if the rumble and analogs worked like they were supposed to, because everything else about the controller feels good.

            I should have thought about this before reporting the issue, but had no idea there was such a huge number of fake DS3 controllers out there. I guess it makes sense since they aren't sold new anymore.

            Unless there's an off chance that it actually IS legitimate and just a later model released in Europe, and doesn't play the same way with windows as a US one......? I mean there were only a few games that used analog/pressure sensitive face buttons, before developers kind of dropped the feature, so maybe they just left analog out of future revisions?

            OR..... It's just a phony. A reaaaalllly convincing feeling phony.

            guess if I want an extra controller I might need to pay $100 dollars for a real one on eBay... eesh

            top 2 are the refurb, bottom 2 are the OG
            Click image for larger version

Name:	ds3 from used game store (F).jpg
Views:	920
Size:	940.2 KB
ID:	231678Click image for larger version

Name:	ds3 from used game store (R).jpg
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Size:	943.9 KB
ID:	231679

            Click image for larger version

Name:	ds3 OG came with slim (F).jpg
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Size:	940.8 KB
ID:	231676Click image for larger version

Name:	ds3 OG came with slim (R).jpg
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Size:	938.4 KB
ID:	231677​​


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              to clarify, the refurb rumble works on the PS3, but wasn't working on the PC


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                There are many fake DS3 controllers, some of them are a perfect copy, some not. No worries about "E" letter at the end, indeed, it is European model, and it looks legit. Still, there are no guarantees that this one, with the correct naming, is not a fake unfortunately. Though I agree it looks pretty good and seems to be reported properly.

                You have mentioned the games you tried to check the analog zones for the face buttons, that's a great idea. Could you please also try to check the in-game vibration natively, without reWASD being involved? You may even try to uninstall reWASD (with the system restart) to check if something changes with the games — this way we will understand if it is related to our drivers or not.


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                  Ok, I’ll check that out

                  Will I be able to keep my saved profiles/settings for games and controllers when I uninstall reWASD?


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                    Yes, but if you want to make a backup, to be sure, here is how to find the config folder easily:

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	22.04.22_16.47.20.png Views:	0 Size:	67.9 KB ID:	231699


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                      ok, so I uninstalled reWASD

                      and tried to play some games with just the "Wireless controller for PLAYSTATION(R)3" showing up among connected devices
                      couldn't get it to work on anything

                      After some looking around I decided to test something with RPCS3
                      On the RPCS3 website, the recommended way to connect a DS3 is by using "Nefarius' DsHidMini" and "Nefarius' BthPS3"

                      After I installed those, and set RPCS3's controller handler to DS3, I can play games in that emulator and get rumble.

                      So I decided to test something else out and reinstalled reWASD. reWASD doesn't detect the DS3 at all, probably because of the Nefarius Drivers, but I was technically able to get the rumble to work on PC.

                      Not sure if any of that information is helpful to you , regarding how this particular controller is behaving in windows, or how reWASD is handling things

                      If there's anything else you'd like me to try, let me know, thanks


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                        Thank you for the information. We will analyze it.


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                          Hey there!

                          Thanks again for the information, but unfortunately, we still do not understand what exactly happens with your controller, so we need to have it for the research. We have managed to find the same model (CECHZC2E with "A" mark) on eBay, and will wait until it is delivered. It seems that it is a kind of newer edition, and indeed, it may work in a bit different way.

                          I will keep you posted once we have any news. Stay tuned!


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                            You guys seriously have the best support and community of any product I’ve ever purchased. I’ve never seen this many people respond so quickly and stay this attentive to an issue, let alone purchase a product for research/running tests to assist in technical support.

                            I was already happy I got reWASD. Like I said, I think the software is rad, and at this point even if we can’t solve this particular issue I’m still glad I purchased a license. Thanks for going above and beyond.

                            I look forward to hearing about your findings. Cheers!


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                              Thank you for your kind words Hope to get good news soon!


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                                Hello Cuzzin Chizzy!

                                We have added some improvements to vibration for PS3 controller and hope it will fix the issue for your particular model.
                                Indeed, we got the one and it seems to be working properly with reWASD