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  • Need some help? Start from this FAQ

    Hey there! There are several common questions that appear when you start using reWASD. Let's try to cover them all shortly.

    1. My controller buttons are messed up. Some of them work, some doesn't. Some have doubled actions. I use Steam or the game has native controller support. What should I do?

    reWASD adds mappings to your controller but doesn't change the native controller behavior by default. If the game already supports controller (or you are using Steam that has embedded mapper too), then you need to switch those not-reWASD button actions off to get it work. It's pretty easy. You just need to check "Unmap" for all controls on the gamepad. "Unmap" button is presented for all controls and the groups of controls. Also, it is available in "Gamepad mapping" list — it's called Unmapped. Learn more about how unmaps save the day in our help guide.

    2. Games, configs, slots — so many strange things. What do they stand for?

    First thing you create in reWASD is a game. It is a kind of a folder where we will store the configs. Config is a file that contains all your mappings and settings for the particular game. To start using the config, you need to press "Apply" button at the top-left of the reWASD main window.

    You may create only one config or several for different game modes or different users. You can use one config at a time or apply up to 4 simultaneously. The first config is created automatically. To add more, press button icon in the top panel of reWASD. Why to create more than one configs? Let's see on the GTA SA example. This old but gold project has lots of key bindings. It's better to divide them. First group should work while the character is walking, the second should be activated when he drives. In reWASD, it's better to create two configs for those modes. Then, you need to apply them to different slots. Slots allow you to use several configs simultaneously. Xbox Elite has two hardware slots; other controller may get up to 4 with reWASD. While you apply the config, choose the needed slot number from the list. For GTA, apply Config 1 to Slot 1 and Config 2 to Slot 2. To switch between them, use the hotkey: press both bumpers and the corresponded diamond button. Set the mouse over the slot switcher at the bottom of reWASD main window and you'll see the full hotkey for the occupied slot.

    3. Remap is off and I don't know how to enable it. What should I do?

    To switch remap on, you need to pick at least one config and apply it. Once the config is applied, remap will be activated automatically.

    4. I don't want to switch the remap manually. Is it possible to apply the config automatically when the game is opened?

    Sure thing! Since reWASD 3.0, you can associate an app with the game and choose the config that will be applied when the game is launched. Please note that after you close the game, the config will be still applied until reWASD detects the new associated game be default. If you want reWASD to remove the applied config, you can enable this option in app's Preferences. You can autodetect both games and apps; or add several ones for a single one game. Check our "Desktop" config that already includes several associated .exe files to learn more. The detailed guide may be found here.

    5. Combo Editor scares me. How to work with it?

    reWASD brings the most comprehensive keyboard key combos you could ever imagine. That is why it is pretty difficult when you first launch it. But no worries, it's easy if you try. Follow this link to read about each and every option you can get with Combo Editor:

    6. Where my configs are stored? How not to lose them after the OS reinstall?

    All your config files, games and background pictures are stored in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD". If you are moving to the new PC, don't forget to back it up so you won't lose all your precious mappings. You can get access to this folder from reWASD preferences. When you update reWASD, all the configs are safe and will be copied automatically.

    7. I've remapped my controller to Virtual Xbox 360 for reWASD, but the game doesn't detect its input. What should I do?

    Try to restart the game with Remap turned ON. You may also need to restart the launchers and other side processes for your game. Here are more details.

    8. I want to your my keyboard and mouse as a virtual controller. How to make it work?

    Please start from this video guide. If something is wrong with one or both devices, check this case. If your mouse clicks work, but moves don't, ensure that Advanced mapping feature is active (you may check it from License, an icon with a key at the bottom right). If your mouse does move, but you don't like the way how it works, please check this post to understand which things in a game and in reWASD should be tuned.
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    Hey, I see your license is for "1 PC" -- is that 1 PC period, or can you move your license to a new PC if you aren't using the old one any more?


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      Originally Posted by 0x6A7232 View Post
      Hey, I see your license is for "1 PC" -- is that 1 PC period, or can you move your license to a new PC if you aren't using the old one any more?
      License works for one PC at the time. You will need to revoke current activation before you will be able to activate another copy of reWASD on another PC with that serial key. "Revoke" can be done at your personal account.


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        Very cool, thanks!


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          You mean can we move license from one pc to another? Great.


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            Yes, if necessary, license activation can be revoked to be used on another PC,


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              Okay got the point. Thanks.


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                I am lost in this software. For newbs it is not user friendly and I have ruined my set up completely. It is good that at least I have use of this keyboard. How do I erase ALL of my rewasd inputs to start over. (I have the full package)


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                  You can use the Ctrl+Alt+Del hotkey on your physical keyboard for the emergence stop: the remap will be turned off, and you will be able to get your devices back and check the settings.

                  I'd also suggest checking this article. You will find the detailed guide there.


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                    Your sharing is helpful. It will works for me when needed.

                    tiny fishing


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                      Good morning, I have the program it says, but it doesn't open and it says this, what should I do?
                      Attached Files


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                        Hi mitsos1987

                        As stated in the notice, you need to download and install the latest version of .NET for reWASD to work correctly.

                        .NET Core is an open-source framework developed by Microsoft for building modern, high-performance applications.
                        For proper functionality, reWASD necessitates at least .NET Core7.0.5


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                          I have put them but nothing comes out the same


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                            mitsos1987 Please install these two frameworks manually:


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                              Hi, i have a SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini and when i try to group it with my mouse i end up with those messages and it's not working. Anyone has the same Keyboard as me or have already got this error? The two first picture are when a try to group from my mouse and the last one is when i try from the keyboard i get this for 3 sec on my screen and then rewasd close.

                              Click image for larger version

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                              Click image for larger version

Name:	rewasd2.png
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                              Click image for larger version

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