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    reWASD works with controllers, keyboards and mice. We constantly add new devices to the list of the supported ones, so if your device is not here, stay tuned and do not hesitate to send request to us. You can review the up-to-date list in the help guide.

    Please note that reWASD has limited support for some controllers with additional buttons (paddles). We fully support the paddles or Xbox Elite 1 & 2, but all other controllers are shown without paddles in reWASD GUI. This is a limitation of the controller's manufacturer that can't be solved without a little help from their side. If you interested in the full support of your device, please contact the manufacturer and describe your case. More requests they get, more chances that we would be able to start cooperation

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    Thank you for your article, it helped me to gain more knowledge


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      You are very welcome! Should you have any questions - we are here for you!


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        I would like to ask if there is any chance of incluiding "FUSION Pro 2 Xbox Series" in supported devices and that it works with paddles like rewasd does with xbox elite 1 and 2.

        I mean fully support for recognize the paddles on the back like xbox elite .

        FUSION Pro 2 Xbox Series would be like a xbox elite but wired and cheaper than elite.

        I would buy a FUSION Pro 2 Xbox Series only if I could config the paddles in rewasd in the same way we can do with elite 1 and 2.


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          We have made a huge research and came to the conclusion that reWASD is not able to detect the additional buttons/paddles, since they are not reported to Windows as separate controls, unlike Xbox Elite 1 and 2 paddles. The rest of controllers containing extra buttons or paddles are recognized as Xbox 360 or Xbox One only. It does not depend on the license (free\paid). Please contact the controller manufacturer, we will gladly cooperate to bring the full support to all the controllers.


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            Thank for the information it will help me alot.


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              Any chance to support racing wheels? I have a logitech g27, wich I need to remap to a xbox controller and it is not detected by rewasd


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                Originally Posted by Maegirom View Post
                Any chance to support racing wheels? I have a logitech g27, wich I need to remap to a xbox controller and it is not detected by rewasd
                Hey there!
                We have provided an answer to your question in this thread.


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                  Is there a plan to add the Gulikit kk3 max controller to the rewasd?


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                    Hi heathhollow9

                    There may be support for this controller in the future; however, we do not have an ETA.
                    If such a device is supported, we will announce it.

                    We are trying to add support for new devices with every big update, so stay tuned!


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                      I think there's an issue with the Dualsense Edge where pressing the fn key in combination with the either the square, triangle, circle, cross buttons causes the Dualsense Edge to change profiles on pc. Any plans on fixing this?


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                        Hi. Could you please clarify how your issue is related to reWASD? Also, we would appreciate it if you could send a video showing your issue.


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                          Fn with either square, triangle, circle, or cross are profile changing key combinations on the dualsense edge.
                          I want to remap these key combinations using rewasd but it seems like the dual sense edge has playstation profiles saved onto the device and have the priority of running even after remapping these key combinations through rewasd.

                          I'm trying to use fn as a shift layer key and square, triangle, circle, and cross as keyboard buttons on the shifted layer.
                          The expected outcome is that I get keystrokes for these combinations(eg. fn+triangle).What I actually get is a profile change on the dualsense edge(not rewasd).

                          Hope this can be fixed!


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                            DualSense Edge must be connected to a PS5 in order to use the Fn + X, O, Triangle, Square buttons with reWASD.
                            When connecting the gamepad to the PS5, it is important to initialize the default profile for correct use. More information can be found by following the link.


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                              I know that the default profile must be set to use rewasd on the fn keys, and I have already done so.

                              I can assign fn as a shift layer key and any other keys(dpad, etc) to keyboard mappings and get the desired keyboard key as an output.

                              For example, if I assign shift layer key to fn and keyboard key 'f' on the down key and press these buttons I get 'f' as an output.
                              On the otherhand, when I use assign shift layer for fn and keyboard key 'f' square and press these buttons, there is no output and my custom profiles set on the playstation will change.

                              It maybe that somehow my dualsense edge is faulty, but I think it's more than likely that the profile switch key combinations on the dualsense edge are not disabled when using rewasd and will interfere with rewasd outputs.

                              I have my controller profiles on playstation 5 set as the default profile, tried it with 3 additional profiles and tried after deleting all of my custom profiles(only the default profile left) just to make sure that my profiles on the playstation are not the issue.
                              I am also using the dualsense to emulate an xbox360, mouse(right thumbstick, back buttons) and keyboard(layers) if this info also helps.

                              Hope this clarifies!​​